In-School Classroom visits


Let Elementastic perform a one hour science lesson at your school and enjoy a science class you and your students will always remember.

The Elementastic instructor might show some experiments, but also let children experience hands-on science projects or activities. All necessary material for every student is provided by Elementastic.

Topics for the science lessons can be discussed with Elementastic to fit the schools science curriculum or to be just a fun and astonishing experience. In-School Classroom visits are designed for children aged 5 to 12.


Pre-School Visits


Pre-Schoolers are very excited about their environment and very much like to try things out and they ask thousands of questions and want to understand what is happening around them.

For these very young scientists Elementastic offers Pre-School visits to Kindergarten and Daycare Centers. The experiments done are properly selected for the young age group and very much “Learning-by-Doing”. They are a guarantee for excitement and a vast of amusement, because science is fun!!

Elementastic Pre-School visits are designed for groups of children aged 3-6.


Join in and be curious!!!


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