We provide two different types of

Elementastic Science Show Events:

"Interactive Shows" and "Demonstration Shows"

The Elementastic Team presents spectacular and funny events showing the most exciting science experiments and covering topics like fire, water, air and light.
The "Interactive Show Events" introduce the entire family to the Elementastic science entertainment experience. They feature fascinating demonstrations next to experiments performed interactive with the audience. These events are available for larger groups of adults, children or families, in schools, libraries, corporate venues, shopping malls, family entertainment centers or wherever there is a large group of people to be entertained!  The activities are for young and old to enjoy.


The "Demonstration Shows" include experiments rarely seen in public and are exciting and amazing to watch, enjoy and wonder.

Both types of show events have one thing in common: they are “Elementastic” fun and typically lead to the Ah´s, Oh`s you otherwise only get from fireworks…just imagine!

The shows can vary in length and topics to fit the events theme, location and number of participants.


The Elementastic Team would love to entertain you, your colleagues and customers at summer festivals, Grand openings or similar occasions. You can also let our Elementastic shows be the very special highlight at your private party!


Join in and be curious!!!


Call us at: (920) 467 3400 or email us today at: info@elementastic.com